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I'm a typical innocent cute (apparently) girl who just loves to draw and RP sometimes. I'm trying to be very supportive to people who I admire and love and work hard to reach my goals in life.

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We can be friends if you want. ^u^

Sisters: :icontoxic-weirdo::iconfoxzygrin::iconbunnytricked::iconmissmissypendragon:

Brother: :iconfoxzygrin:

Twin: :iconsanjay--jurt:

Cousin: :iconrklein555:

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And I recently started uploading my first manga! Check it out! XD…
Tagged by: :iconbunnytricked:

1. You must legitimately tag 10 people.
2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by your tagger and give 10 different questions to the people you tag. 
3. You must share 10 things about yourself.
4. You must post the rules. 
5. You MUST have fun!

10 Things about myself.

1. I have a hawt boyfriend. 
2. I have a super good looking bro who just somehow can't get a girlfriend. OTL
3. I can be really insecure with so many things (really sensitive person)
4. Surprisingly got my IB diploma. (I didn't even try to work hard. o.o)
5. My feelings are like mountains. (Either I get super happy, super sad or super mad.)
6. Apparently I'm cute. 
7. I LOVE DISNEY! (When I went to Disney sea in Tokyo and heard music from Disney classics, I started crying.) 
8. I love horror but I easily get scared and my mind is too messed up to not create scary monsters and prevents me from sleeping all night. 
9. I found out I love cats and they love me. ^u^
10. I never stop thinking. (That's why I easily get headaches. OTL)

Questions for me from :iconbunnytricked:

1. What would you do if I started dry humping your leg?

I'd smile and start petting you. ^u^

2. If I started stripping would you strip with me?

I would.... Slowly. OTL 

3. Tell me what your favorite color is along with your favorite OC yeah?

Favorite color? ...... I wear a lot of pink but I don't like it. Purple is nice.... Mmmm.... Creamy yellow. It gives me a kind of soft feeling. Favorite OC should be Shiki. He tries his best to calm me down and think in a positive way.

4. Would you stroke my kawaii potato ass?

//A// Uh.... I don't know if I would have the courage to. I never really touched anyone's.... ass... before.... 

5. What do you think about Misa? 

She's very cute, I just want to hug her so much! I WANNA TOUCH THY SOFT EARS! OAO

6. Do you honestly think that me having a kawaii character when I look like a guy and don't act nice is misleading? 

Not at all. Nothing wrong with that. ^u^ Tis makes you a very interesting and fun person filled with surprises. ^u^

7. Do you see me as a nice or rude person? or both? 

For me, I see you as a very nice person. You can be rude when you have to but I have those moments too so, I see you as very nice. ^u^

8. Would you kiss me? :iconsmexytongueplz:

I would. On the lips.... (hope I didn't reveal too many feelings. OAO!! But you said to be honest so....)

9. Do you truly consider the people online to be your friends even though you haven't met them? Maybe not even seen how they look? (Personally I don't care what you look like, if you're awesome, you're awesome.)

My parents told me that it doesn't make sense to trust anyone online and to have best friends online. I on the other hand, I do consider many people to be my great friends. By trusting people, I got to help so many. And many have helped me too. And also met my boyfriend online but I haven't met him in real life yet. It is a bit difficult since you don't see them all the time. But I consider my friends online to be a bit better than my real friends. (Sorry if this answer is SUPER long.)

10. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being a "best friend" and 1 being a "Meh I like your art, that's about it" how do you rate me?

10...... x 100 (Lol reminds me of one of your answers when we where asking each other random questions. XDD) I'm being honest. You're that great to me. ^u^

Tagged by: :iconsanjay--jurt:

Questions for me from :iconsanjay--jurt:

1.Who do you think i am to you ?...."Tell me whatever you think"

You're a good friend who is very much caring. I don't know why there are people who talks to you in a bad way.

2.Worst moment in DA and Real life ?

DA: Got suspended for 4 weeks after giving death threats to an art thief but I deserved it and thanks to it, I'm a much better person. ^u^
Real life: Seeing my mom cry and collapse to the floor saying she wants to die..... And I caused it.

3.Best moment in DA and Real life?

DA: Meeting my boyfriend and confessed for the first time.
Real life: Graduating Highschool with an IB diploma.

4.Potatoes or Tomatoes which one is deadly ?

*long silence* OAO...... Potatoes.

5.Am i Annoying ?

Nupe. ^u^

6.Best way to Persuade a Sad/depressed person 

Just listen to what they have to say and give them simple advice to follow even though it takes forever for them to feel better about life. Show that you care about them and they really matter in life. Because everyone deserves a bit of happiness. 

7.ever Slapped anyone ?

I have but it was such a fail. During my aikido class when my favorite teacher asked me to be his assistant, he asked me to slap his face in front of everyone. I wouldn't slap anyone in my life but the first slap I gave was so soft he asked me to slap him again but harder. I tried to slap him a bit harder but it wasn't hard enough so he asked me to slap his face really hard. So I closed my eyes and slapped his face as hard as I could but it was still not enough. So he gave up and just asked me to punch him in the stomach. That, I could do. XDD

8.Do you wish to be happy or Do you wish everyone to be happy ?

When everyone's happy, I'm happy. ^u^ I usually put other people's happiness before mine. And I don't think that's really healthy for me...

9.Ever got Dumped ? Friend/love 

Many simple relationships ended up fading away. I got heartbroken when I heard my first serious crush in aikido class got his first son but of course, I was really happy for him. I'm currently in my first relationship and it's going well so far. ^u^

10.What would you do if we meet Face to Face ?

I'd smile, give you a hug and go eat lunch while we talk a lot like we do. ^u^ 

My questions: (Damn it... Have to do it anyway. ^u^)

1. Any thoughts about roller-coasters that are super high and super fast and with plenty of loops and curls? (I love them. ^u^)
2. How many times did you hit your head in your life? ^u^
3. Hot or cold? (No in ze middle pleaze!)
4. Would you stare back if I randomly stare at you (because I stare at people by accident because I think a lot and I scared one woman in the subway once. OTL)
5. Do you see me as cute and shy or tomboyish and perverted? (Be honest now. OnO)
6. Would you eat mui homemade sweets~? <333
7. Any crush you had on teachers during highschool? (I had sooo many... That were obviously impossible. OTL)
8. What do you do before you sleep everyday? (BE HONEST AND NO JOKES! I WANNA KNOW! OAO)
9. WOULD YOU GO OUT WITH MUI BIG BRO?! He's handsome~ (lol seriously, even guys tell me he's hawt o.o)
10. Would you consider me as someone so crazy that I have to go to the hospital to get checked if I have any diseases? (Because my social worker at school and a mental nurse did. ^u^)

That took a while.... I don't like figuring out questions because I NEVER ASK QUESTIONS! >A< But, feel free to answer them if you want. <333 ^u^

Talk to you all soon. 

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Toui Sora He
  • Reading: Freshly baked yaoi
  • Watching: Random shnitz on Japanese TV
  • Playing: Mario bros on old Nintendo DS I found
  • Eating: Japanese snacks
  • Drinking: C.C.Cider which apparently is filled with vitamins

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